Ebook: Mexican Legal Representation: A comprehensive guide for choosing a Representative Agent in Mexico

Get a clear view of what the legal representative figure implies and how to choose the best Agent in Mexico.

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This Ebook will give you a clear view of what your legal representative will do.

A legal representative has a set of powers of attorney to perform legal acts on behalf of your company. You grant him these powers in the incorporation deed. Some of these powers are vital to start operations in Mexico. In this Ebook, we discuss the following.

  • The requirements to act as an Agent.
  • The faculties you can grant him in the company to act on its behalf.
  • How to limit powers to mitigate the potential risk of abuse.
  • The salary ranges for Representative Agents.
  • The essential representation needs that all companies have.

Find Out Everything You Need About Legal Representation In Mexico:

Representation Needs 

Requirements To Be A Representative Agent

Powers Of The Agent In The Company

How To Limit The Power Of An Agent

Salary Ranges By Category Of Agent

Skills required to be an Agent

How much power will the Agent have

Guidance and overseeing of Agent

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